wedding-18OJ72-800We’re delighted to welcome couples to our beautiful church for their wedding. By getting married in church you’re asking for God’s blessing on your life together – the best start you can have.

The wedding service is central to one of the most important days of your life.  So we’ll do everything we can to ensure you prepare for your married life together and that your service is really special.

On the rest of this page we’ve set out the answers to frequently asked questions about getting married at St. Mary’s.

How do we organise getting married at St. Mary’s?

Contact our Weddings Co-ordinator, Caroline Goulder -  We will then be able to discuss whether the date you want is available and help you complete the forms to confirm your church booking.

Flicos wedding 020417Does it matter where we live?

If one or both of you live in the Parish you may get married in St. Mary’s.  If neither of you live in the Parish, it may still be possible to get married at St. Mary’s if you have strong links with St. Mary’s and Saffron Walden.  For example if you have lived here in the past or if your parents live in the Parish or if you worship regularly at St. Mary’s for at least six months before your banns are called, you may also be married at St. Mary’s.

Does a wedding have to be on a Saturday?

Weddings can be on any day of the week (although not usually on Sundays) but it may not be possible to arrange a choir or bells on weekdays.

When do we have to book?

It’s best to book the church as soon as you know when you want to be married.  We often have bookings up to two years in advance but there are still plenty of spare dates in the calendar.  There is no booking fee but if you change the date we may have to make a charge for cancellation.

wedding-13OJ67-800How can we prepare for our marriage?

In the year in which you get married we’ll invite you to a Saturday course.  It looks at what getting married means, whether you’re just about to set up home together or you have been living together for some time.  It also covers practical aspects such as music, flowers and legal matters.

We end the day by looking at the wedding service itself.  That’s so you have a chance to discuss the various parts of the service and to think about how you’d like your wedding to be special to you.

During the course you will be given lots of explanatory material to help your preparation.

Katy-and-Luke-Wedding-365-300What if one or both of us are divorced?

It may be possible for divorced people to marry in church or to arrange a wedding blessing service to follow a civil ceremony.  This blessing service can have most of the elements of a wedding service except for the legal requirements.

How much does it cost to get married in church?

Everything that is legally required will cost around £600 but most couples like to choose optional extras such as a choir, the organ, bells etc. which can increase the costs to around £1000.  Please email us at to get fuller details.

Can you help me choose the order of service, hymns and music?

Yes!  We can advise on your order of service and review it with you and we can offer help with choosing hymns and music if you wish.

What happens next?

During the months before your wedding there may be lots of questions you want to ask which we can help you with.

About three months before your wedding, your banns will be read. We will let you know exactly which dates when your wedding is confirmed.

We’ll also arrange a convenient day for a rehearsal.  This is usually on the evening before your wedding day.

Parking for weddings

Please note that there is no parking available in the churchyard apart from two spaces for guests with limited mobility and the cars transporting the bride and bridesmaids.  Access to the churchyard is from Museum Street, not Church Path. We recommend that guests, photographers, musicians etc park at Swan Meadow car park CB10 1DA which is about 10 minutes walk from the church.  A map can be found here. Information about charges and alternative Short Stay car parks here.

What other resources about weddings do you recommend?

Have a look at the Church of England’s dedicated Your church wedding site.