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The Friends of Saffron Walden Parish Church Spring 2020 Newsletter

Message from the Secretary

We plan to hold our Annual General Meeting of the Friends on Sunday 12th September 2021. Please be aware that arrangements may need to change at the last minute due to the Covid situation but we will endeavour to keep you informed, please watch this space and the Parish News & Grapevine.

The meeting will take place in the Church after the 10am Patronal/Friends Service and you will be guided to the appropriate seating arrangements on the day.

Paperwork, including the Agenda, Minutes of the last AGM meeting and the Secretary and Treasurers Report will be emailed/delivered in August to all members.

A decision regarding a date for the Lincoln Cathedral trip is still pending BUT will happen in due course and plenty of notice will be given.

My best wishes to you all

Pamela Mugliston

Secretary of the Friends of the Parish Church

7th June 2021

About us

Founded in 1933, the Friends of St Mary’s Society  provides funds for the maintenance of the fabric of the Church and for carrying out improvements and adornments. It is a Registered Charity (No 253119) and is administered by the Chairman, Hon Secretary and Hon Treasurer and twelve committee members with the Rector as President. We normally hold our AGM on the second Sunday in September to coincide with St Mary's Patronal Festival.

The Work of the Friends of the Church

Although a church has stood on this site for 800 years, the present building was remodelled 500 years ago under the supervision of John Wastell, master mason for King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, and externally apart from the spire has remained unchanged. Internally,  over the years,  many of the original tombs, chapels, pews and colouring have been removed and Victorian stained glass and the re-erected Chancel Screen and the Rood have had a great effect on the interior.

Whilst the Friends have been responsible for many practical schemes, such as the inner doors of the West Porch and the voice reinforcement  system, they have also striven to bring colour and beauty to the church. The last years of the 20th century were very fruitful, with the provision of embroidered kneelers, colourful banners and the creation of the Chapel of Remembrance. We aim to use local craftsmen and women in all our projects and are careful to ensure that the schemes blend happily with the spirit of the building as it was conceived long ago.

New-Banner-2880-Nov2016-crop-3In 2018 we made a major contribution to the Building Programme by funding the Welcome Furniture which is a great asset to the Church.

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Joining the Friends

We do hope that you will join us so that we can continue to contribute to the beautification of our Church. See below:

You can help us by joining the Society. Membership includes parishioners and other supporters, residents of Saffron Walden and many from further afield.  Becoming a member helps to ensure that our work can continue under the guidance of the committee of the society.  Membership costs a minimum of £5 per year (single) or £8 (family) payable by 1st April each year.  Contact us via the Parish Office to find out more or download our leaflet which includes an application form.