Rector's Letter - Rev’d Jeremy Trew - October 2022


Dear Friends,

2022 has been a difficult year for many reasons: The lasting reach of Covid; the first major war in Europe since 1945; rapidly rising prices; shortages of everything, apart from shortages; an excruciatingly slow response to the growing climate and environmental threats; and, rapidly falling trust in our Government and the democratic process. A new, though bleakly familiar, government has been formed and must plan how to respond to all this. Faith is tested.

We also come to that time when leaves on the trees brown and fall. Our American cousins call this season the Fall, and that is how it was once known in this country too. I am writing this, sitting in St Mary's Church. People are coming and going; lighting candles, sitting, praying, remembering. It is the morning after the announcement of the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, and feelings are somewhat numbed. Few of us have been here before, and no-one is quite sure what the future holds.

When Autumn approaches, trees withdraw rich resources from their leaves to be stored, ready for the spring. The leaves are their waste, and must fall, be let go of and be recycled into the soil. It is necessary and it is good. Queen Elizabeth was a faithful, Christian servant who kept what seemed an almost impossible promise made when she was just 21 to give her years in public service.

Whatever our opinions of the benefits of Monarchy (and the Bible sees it as a mixed blessing) Queen Elizabeth was an outstanding public servant. For her now, the work is done. In faith we believe that she has entered into eternal rest in the presence of the King of Kings. Well done, good and faithful servant. In faith we believe that death is not the end, merely life's Autumn. All that is good is withdrawn, and the leaf, its work done, falls to the ground. The goodness, whether it is the Queen's, or yours, or mine, will rise again in the Spring, full of Easter promise, for there is resurrection hope for all of creation.

So please pray for King Charles III. He has a difficult act to follow, although, with God’s help...

Best wishes


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